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First and foremost thank you for taking the time to visit NewsToons. We founded NewsToons in 2014. The “NewsToons” were/are the 3D cartoon news anchor characters from Children’s News Network, a commercial free news related website for kids (and a registered trademark of Children’s News Network, Inc.). The legal name the company that operates is Children’s News Network, Inc. We do business today as Newton Animations ( We are now located in Needham, MA (we left Newton, MA in 2015). Needham, MA is located about 10 miles west of the great city of Boston, MA. We can be reached 7 days a week from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Eastern Standard Time) at 781-708-1255.

Newton Animations offers traditional 3D design & animation services, event services, two online animation type websites (NewsToons and Please visit our Newton Animations website for bios on all of our staff. We have 3 full time employees and several part-time employees (we issue approximately 10 W-2’s per year). We are also the founders of Kids Digital U ( that offers Boston area students after-school, evening and weekend programs and summer camps in everything technology. Kids Digital U has been ranked the #1 STEM program for kids aged 10 – 18 in the Greater Boston area (one of the most competitive academic markets in the United States, for the last two years in a row (2018 & 2017). In September 2018 we launched Kids Digital U Online ( which provides online tutorials in 3D design & animation and 3D printing (computer coding soon). The best part is Kids Digital U Online also offers virtual access to our state of the art 3D printing, media labs and computer animation render farms.

Below please find a list of all our brands and services. Click on the logo to be taken to the respective website to learn more.

Video for Social Media (
Stunning 3D animations customers personalize with their own text and/or media. Animated videos are sized for YouTube/Facebook/Twitter or Instagram (just like NewsToons).
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Newton Animations (
The owner and operator of this website. We offer traditional as well as online animation services, event services and programs for kids.
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Kids Digital U (
Ranked the #1 STEM program for kids aged 10 - 18 in Greater Boston (one of the most competitive academic markets in the United States) for the last 2 years in a row.
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Children's News Network
Commercial free news & current events for kids.
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Kids Digital U Online (
Our new online learning systems for kids including virtual access to our state of the art 3D printing & media labs as well as our computer animation render farm.
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